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The Best Trophy In Sports – The Golden Spork

MACON, Ga. – You have the Lombardi Trophy for winning the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup for the NHL, the Larry O’Brien for the NBA.  Those are all nice but now, you have the coolest trophy in all of sports.  The Golden Spork for the greatest food fight to hit the world of sports.

The Macon Bacon and Savannah Bananas will play each other 16 times this season, with the season series winner claiming the Golden Spork as rightful champion of the food world.

“This will be one of the coolest trophies in all of sports” said Team President Todd Pund. “We said if we’re going to create a real rivalry, we have to do something extra special and get the players all fired up.  How many teams can say they are playing for a 10 foot tall Golden Spork?”

The Golden Spork will be carved out of wood by Corey Worden of Beneath the Bark, located in Wetumpka, Alabama. Worden has been wood-carving for 25 years and created some amazing pieces ( The trophy will be carved during the first two games of the Bacon and Bananas series. It will start May 31st in Savannah and be completed on June 2nd in Macon.

“We welcome the chance to bury the Bacon.  We’re heading into our third year and already have one title and another playoff appearance.  The Bacon still have some things to learn,” said Jared Orton, Bananas Team President.

“This will be on of the most unique carvings I have ever done.  My goal is to have it be so cool, we end up on SportsCenter.” said Worden of Beneath the Bark. “I feel honored that both organizations placed their trust in me to erect their Golden Spork.”

The only way to guarantee a seat to the first Bacon versus Bananas game and witness the creation of the Golden Spork at Luther Williams Field on June 2nd, is through the team’s 5-game plan.  The package comes with the first Bacon versus Bananas game (along with four other big games), all-you-can-eat food and a limited edition Bacon versus Bananas t-shirt. All for just $15 per game ($75 total).

To reserve your package, click here

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