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The Best Friends and Family Plan Ever

4 seats + 4 Bacon caps + 1 Large Zoner's Pizza and Zoner's Breadsticks = 1 fun Thursday night for less than 40 bucks.

By Todd Pund
Macon Bacon

The best Bacon ticket deal is back for one last game.

The first two Zoner's Friends and Family plans sold out quickly, so this is your last chance to take advantage of this deal

The final Zoner's Friends and Family Night is Thursday, August 2nd at 7pm 

Here is what you get:

1. Four reserved Bacon tickets. There's is nothing quite like going to a baseball game with a sold out crowd. The Bacon have sold out eight home games and expect to sell out every weekend. You'll have reserved seats that sizzle at the Bacon game on Thursday night, August 2nd.

2. Four quality Bacon caps. Our Bacon gear is flying off the shelves. You and your family get these caps for free. These aren't giveaway caps; these are quality caps you'd pay $25 for at The Pork Shop.

3. Zoner's Pizza Meal. Your family will also get a large Zoner's Pizza and an order of breadsticks. You can enjoy it before the game, after the game or even the following week. Your Zoner's Pizza coupon is only redeemable at the three Zoner's Pizza locations.

Look at the value:

Zoner's Friends and Family Plan

You'll be right in all the action with these seats

Here is the hat you will receive with your Friends and Family Plan

Zoner's is our partner with our Friends and Family Plan. Serving high quality pizza and breadsticks in 3 Central Georgia locations.

This deal is not available the day of the game. You need to order the tickets ahead of time.

Click below to order your plans today.

Or, give us a call at 478-803-1795 or you can visit the team offices right in Luther Williams Field.

Tickets, hat coupon and pizza coupon will be available for pick up at will call.