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Game DateDayTimeOpponentSpecial EventTicketsResult
July 2Thurs.7:00pmSavannahOpening Night/Happy Hour SpecialsSingle Game Tickets8-3 L
July 4Sat.7:00pmMacon EggsFireworksSingle Game Tickets11-10 (Bacon)
July 6Mon.7:00pmSavannahSingle Game Tickets6-0 W
July 8Wed.7:00pmLexington CountySingle Game Tickets9-7 W
July 10Fri.7:00pmLexington CountyMilitary Appreciation NightSingle Game Tickets6-3 W
July 12Sun.7:00pmMacon EggsSingle Game Tickets12-5 (Eggs)
July 14Tues.7:00pmSavannahSingle Game Tickets15-10 W
July 16Thurs.7:00pmLexington CountyHappy Hour Specials/Friends and Family DealSingle Game Tickets13-9 W
July 17Fri.7:00pmCatawbaSingle Game Tickets8-7 W
July 18Sat.7:00pmSavannahStar Wars NightSingle Game Tickets4-1 W
July 20Mon.7:00pmSavannahSingle Game Tickets7-2 L
July 22Wed.7:00pmMacon EggsSingle Game Tickets10-5 (Bacon)
July 23Thurs.7:00pmMacon EggsHappy Hour SpecialsSingle Game Tickets10-6 (Eggs)
July 24Fri.7:00pmSavannahAllman Brothers/Southern Rock Appreciation NightSingle Game Tickets19-15 L
July 25Sat.7:00pmCatawbaThrowback NightSingle Game Tickets4-1 W
July 28Tues.7:00pmMacon EggsSingle Game Tickets1-0 (Eggs)
July 31Fri.7:00pmSavannahFireworksSingle Game Tickets10-6 W
August 1Sat.7:00pmCatawbaFireworksSingle Game TicketsW 7-2
August 2Sun.7:00pmSavannahSingle Game Tickets9-3 L
August 4Tues.7:00pmSavannahSingle Game Tickets8-1 L
August 6Thurs.7:00pmLexington CountyHappy Hour SpecialsSingle Game Tickets8-4 L
August 7Fri.7:00pmMacon EggsSingle Game Tickets16-7 (Bacon)
August 8Sat.7:00pmMacon EggsFirst Responders Appreciation NightSingle Game Tickets5-1 (Bacon)
August 11Tues.7:00pmSavannahSingle Game Tickets5-4 W
August 14Fri.7:00pmLexington CountyEssential Heroes NightSingle Game TicketsCanceled
August 15Sat.7:00pmMacon EggsSingle Game TicketsCanceled
August 16Sun.7:00pmSavannahChampionshipSingle Game Tickets6-5 W



Game DateDayTimeOpponentSpecial EventScore
August 21Fri.7:00pmSavannahFaith and Fellowship Night10-4 L
August 27Thurs.7:00pmSavannahBark in the Park5-4 L
September 4Fri.7:00pmSavannahKevin's BirthdaySingle Game Tickets
September 5Sat.7:00pmSavannahFinal Fireworks ShowSingle Game Tickets

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