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Entertainment Crew

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The Macon Bacon are looking for fun, energetic, outgoing, dedicated and responsible individuals to work for the 2018 Entertainment Crew!

Are you an energetic & animated individual who enjoys being the center of attention?

Do you enjoy making people laugh with goofy antics?

If you answered yes to these questions, we’ve got the position for you.

Mascot Performer

  • Performer needs to be 5’7” to 6’0” tall
  • Performer will need to be able to learn & perform dance choreography in costume
  • Performer will need to be able to learn skit blocking & be able to portray a large range of emotions while in costume
  • Mascot may attend sponsor events or other non-game day events
  • Responsible for knowing & organizing Mascot inventory
  • Help Entertainment prepare props for skits on game days
  • Ready in costume half hour before start of game
  • Gate welcomes & goodbyes
  • Spray & hang up costume at the end of the night
  • Must be available for additional rehearsals & mascot appearances

Entertainment Crew

  • Members are an important part of the entertainment of each show, helping to prep contestants & setting up props
  • May also work as a Mascot handler
  • Is responsible for leading chants & rallies during games
  • Dances on dugouts & assists with every inning break
  • Set up props for daily skits & put away at the end of the game
  • Contestant selection
  • Have contestants & props for each skit at appropriate place & ready to go 3 outs before skit is to happen
  • Explain & prep contestants for inning breaks they are involved in
  • Gate welcomes & goodbyes
  • Must be available for additional rehearsals
  • Must be willing to work all or a majority of the games


Entertainment Crew and Mascot must send a resume, cover letter & head shot.

To apply email  Sarah Leo – Director of Partnership Activation

[email protected]

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