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Part-Time Jobs

Our game day staff members are the most important part of our game experience.  It’s a terrific opportunity for out-going, personable and friendly people who love to interact with our fans.  You’ll talk to and interact with more of our fans than our full-time staff will every single game night.

We’ll teach you, coach you and make game nights fun but there is a catch.  You have to be ready to bring your “A-Game” smile and service mind-set each and every night.  If you think you can meet our high expectations, take a look below at the game night staff options available.


  • Greeting of the general public to the facility.

Ticket Seller

  • Selling admission tickets/or wristbands to events, handling cash and credit cards.

Ticket Taker

  • Verifying wristbands and/or taking tickets from patrons to allow them entry into events.
  • Tickets will either be ripped, retaining a portion of the ticket for accurate attendance, retaining entire ticket or scanning ticket with electronic device.

Will Call Ticket Booth

  • Verifying identification of each patron picking up tickets that are on hold for said patron for pick-up prior to game and distributing tickets to that patron once identification is verified.

Parking Attendant

  • Directing patrons into a parking lot and/or parking space.


  • Guiding and/or assisting patrons to their proper seating/standing area at events.


  • Searching bags for prohibited items and clearing patrons for entry into events, monitoring said events by actively walking around and observing patrons in attendance; this position would not carry a weapon.

Gate Attendant

  • Monitoring lines at entry gates and assisting ticket takers and security personnel as needed.

Press Box

  • Assists scorekeepers, p.a. announcers and members of the media during operation of an athletic competition event


  • Keeps score at athletic competition events

Music System Operator

  • Plays selected recorded music over the sound system during all events.

Kid Zone Attendant

  • Sells tokens for patrons to use for various games, if applicable.
  • Helps keep children in orderly fashion using various games/activities.
  • Keeps area clear of clutter and other obstructions

Customer Service Representative

  • Assists patrons with questions and directions at events


  • Retrieves and delivers goods needed during operation of an event.


  • Cleaning of restrooms, restocking of paper products & soap dispensers
  • Picks up trash with a trash picker and a bucket throughout the stadium, emptying bucket into trash cans when full.
  • Emptying all trash cans into dumpster, then relining trash cans with bags and returning cans to locations.

Merchandise Store

Cashier – handling cash and credit cards for purchases, bagging sold items for customers, balancing all transactions at the end of shift.

Stockers – handles stocking and re-stocking of items on display for sale and maintaining inventory of items

Food and Beverage Concessions

Stand Leaders – Oversees all operations in food/beverage concession stand including adequate staffing, appropriate inventory of product for each game, food preparation, cashiers.

Cashier – handles cash and credit cards for food/beverage purchases.

Food Prep – Prepare cooking ingredients by handling different varieties of food in a safe way. Undertake basic cooking duties such as cooking items on grill and/or stove, deep fat fryer, microwave oven, etc. Prepare simple dishes such as hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken breast, entrees etc. Maintain a clean and orderly kitchen by washing dishes, sanitizing surfaces, taking out trash etc.

Bartenders – mixes and serves alcoholic beverages for patrons over the age of 21 and responsible for verifying the identification of each patron regarding being of legal age to consume alcohol.

Waitresses/Waiters – handles serving patrons by taking their food and beverage orders and then delivering said orders to patrons.

Hawkers – walks through the stadium selling specific pre-packaged food and/or beverage items such as hot dogs, peanuts, soft drinks, beer, etc.  Could also sell non-food merchandise and novelty items such as pennants, buttons, hats, foam fingers, etc.

Responsible for collecting cash for each transaction and balancing all sales at end of shift.


Directions to apply:

After reviewing all positions, please indicate 2 positions that you have interest in.  Along with your video link, please email Don Miers.  His email address is [email protected].

Utilizing YouTube, please complete a short, 90 second video introduction!  Please answer the following questions.

  • Full Name
  • Why you would like to work for the Macon Bacon?
  • Give us an example of poor customer service that you have experienced and how you would make it better?
  • Do you have any special talents? Singing?  Dancing?
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