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Macon Bacon baseball games will be more than just baseball this summer.  They’ll be fun, family entertainment that will be a show all season long.  Fans will laugh, smile, sing and dance throughout the game and see terrific baseball.  In-between inning games, skits, dances and more will be happening night in and night out at Luther Williams Field. The Bacon are now looking for people to help achieve that level of entertainment.

“We are looking for fun and energetic people to help us this summer.  People who like to make others laugh, dance, sing and have some fun.” said Team President Todd Pund, “We are a baseball team, but entertainment is our biggest focus point.”

The team is hiring an entertainment team, mascot performer, public address announcer and an on-field host.

“The entertainment part of our games is so important, we have brought on an entertainment consultant who has helped run the entertainment side of sports teams for over 20 years.” said Pund, “Every night will be a different show.  Our fans will be surprised and delighted every game.”

The Bacon are holding entertainment auditions on Saturday, March 31st.  To sign up for a spot in the auditions to be part of the Entertainment Crew this summer, click here.

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