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New Big Ass Fans Installed

We never try to use language like that.
But, when your four-brand new massive ceiling fans are called that, you get a free pass.
Those are 16-foot-long blades and let me tell you, they move some serious air.
I know you’ve been to a game or two before, so you know how hot it will get.
No longer will there be that hot, stagnant air in the seating bowl.
I was hoping you could come to our Fan Fest, but we had to postpone it for the time being. Hopefully you can come check them out when we reschedule it.
The best seats under these fans that feel the true impact are going faster than bacon at the table during breakfast.
Look at our All-You-Can-Eat Five Game Plan, they are your best chance to feel the impact of the fans plus free food, free drinks, a free shirt and more.
Fun times are coming this summer. We start on May 29th and I know you and your family cannot wait to come out to the ballpark and enjoy these brand-new fans.
Please call us if you have any questions at 478-803-1795.

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