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Priority List

Due to social distancing guidelines, our seating capacity will be reduced this year from 3,300 to roughly 1,300 seats.
This will mean that there will be very limited seating available to our games this summer.
If you don't have tickets to this season yet, I suggest signing up for our Priority List.
Once we take care of all of our current plan holders and groups, we will be contacting those who sign up for this priority list.
To be one of the first contacted, I suggest signing up ASAP and selecting the All-You-Can-Eat Five Game Plan.
They will be the first ones contacted, giving them the best chance to see a game this summer.
Along with unlimited hot dogs, burgers, chicken sandwiches, chips, cookies, soda and water during the games. Plus, a free shirt and the five best games.
Fill out the form below to be placed on the Priority List: