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2021 Macon Bacon Coastal Plain League Schedule

DateOpponentTimeGame ThemeTickets
Thursday, May 27at Savannah7pm
Friday, May 28Florence7pmOpening Night/
Buy Now
Saturday, May 29Savannah7pmStrike Out CancerBuy Now
Tuesday, June 1at Savannah7pm
Thursday, June 3at FlorenceCcd.
Friday, June 4Spartanburgers7pmFaith & Fellowship NightBuy Now
Saturday, June 5at Savannah7pm
Sunday, June 6SavannahSusp.Breakfast for DinnerBuy Now
Monday, June 7at Spartanburgers7pm
Wednesday, June 9at Lexington Co.7pm
Thursday, June 10Lexington Co.7pmHappy Hour SpecialsBuy Now
Friday, June 11at Savannah7pm
Saturday, June 12SavannahSusp.Star Wars NightBuy Now
Tuesday, June 15Savannah (DH)6pmBuy Now
Friday, June 18Lexington Co.7pmFireworksBuy Now
Saturday, June 19at Lexington Co.7pm
Sunday, June 20at Spartanburgers (DH)5pm
Tuesday, June 22at Lexington Co.7pm
Thursday, June 24Savannah (DH)6pmHappy Hour SpecialsBuy Now
Friday, June 25at Savannah7pm
Saturday, June 26Spartanburgers7pmSouthern Rock NightBuy Now
Sunday, June 27Spartanburgers7pmBreakfast for DinnerBuy Now
Tuesday, June 29Spartanburgers7pmBuy Now
Thursday, July 1at Savannah7pm
Friday, July 2Lexington Co.7pmMilitary Appreciation NightBuy Now
Saturday, July 3at Lexington Co.7pm
Sunday, July 4Savannah7pmBreakfast for Dinner/
Buy Now
Tuesday, July 6at Lexington Co.7pm
Thursday, July 8at Savannah7pm
Friday, July 9Savannah7pmEssential Heroes NightBuy Now
Saturday, July 10at Lexington Co.7pm
Sunday, July 11at Spartanburgers5pm
Wednesday, July 14at Florence7pm
Thursday, July 15Savannah7pmHappy Hour SpecialsBuy Now
Friday, July 16at Savannah7pm
Saturday, July 17Lexington Co.7pmFirst Responders NightBuy Now
Sunday, July 18Florence7pmBreakfast for Dinner/
Missed Holiday Night
Buy Now
Friday, July 23Spartanburgers7pmComic Book Hero NightBuy Now
Saturday, July 24at Spartanburgers7pm
Sunday, July 25Savannah7pmBreakfast for DinnerBuy Now
Wednesday, July 28at Savannah7pm
Thursday, July 29Savannah7pmHappy Hour SpecialsBuy Now
Friday, July 30at Savannah7pm
Saturday, July 31Spartanburgers7pmThrowback NightBuy Now
Sat.-Sun., Aug. 1-7at Petitt Cup PlayoffsTBA

Breakfast Bowl Series Schedule

DateOpponentTime/ResultGame ThemeTickets
Thursday, Aug. 12at Savannah7pm
Friday, Aug. 13Savannah7pmKevin's Birthday/
Kids Night Out/
Faith & Fellowship
Buy Now
Saturday, Aug. 14at Savannah7pm
Thursday, Aug. 19Savannah7pmHappy Hour SpecialsBuy Now
Friday, Aug. 20at Savannah7pm
Saturday, Aug. 21Savannah7pmBark in the ParkBuy Now
Thursday, Aug. 26at Savannah7pm
Friday, Aug. 27Savannah7pmFan Appreciation Night/
Buy Now
Saturday, Aug. 28at Savannah7pm

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