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The Bacon Are Hiring

When Macon, GA made a bold move to bring baseball back to Historic Luther Williams Field, they did it in partnership with two industry veterans who literally wrote the book on ticket sales, Steve DeLay and Jon Spoelstra.


The inaugural season of the Macon Bacon was a smashing success with half the games being sold out in 2018.  However, we’re not done.  We’re in a race with the Savannah Bananas to be the best franchise in the Coastal Plain League and are hiring more salespeople.


Steve and Jon have operated teams all over the country in the NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball and minor league baseball.  They’ve written books on ticket sales that are used by hundreds of teams around the country.  They’ve brought that expertise to the Macon Bacon and are looking to build on their tremendous first season.


The team has brought another industry pro on board as president in Brandon Raphael, an 18 year veteran of minor league baseball, soccer and major college athletics.  Brandon worked with Steve and Jon at Mandalay Baseball Properties and sees the vision for the Bacon the same way.




To become a superstar working on the business side of sports, you need to first know that it all starts with tickets. Tickets are the lifeblood of sports. Once you learn tickets—truly learn how to sell tickets–then it’s on to other aspects of running a team.

So, we start our people on our lifeblood—remember, that’s tickets. We don’t give you the Yellow Pages and tell you to go sell. Our philosophy is train, train, train, and when we get tired of that, we train some more. Our goal is to accelerate your growth as fast as we can. We want you to get better as quickly as possible so you can be a major contributor for the new team in Macon.   Most importantly, we’re hiring right now.



Tickets, remember, it’s all about tickets.  You’ll be a full-time salesperson.  You might be making face-to-face sales calls to the corporate community. That position will be selling corporate ticket packages including season tickets, corporate boxes, ticket plans and group tickets.  We’ll train you, teach you and help you be successful.


Do you want to be a superstar in the sports business? That’s the first qualification. If you answered yes, then answer two more questions: 1) do you have a strong work ethic and 2) do you have a desire to learn and excel?
You should have strong communication skills (you have to like to talk to people) and a willingness to listen and learn. If you don’t have sales experience, don’t worry about it because we don’t worry about it.


Jon and Steve have turned out dozens of sports industry superstars and you could be the next senior executive at a sports team.  Click to see some of their alumni.  To get there, you start with the Macon Bacon.



You won’t get filthy rich working for the Macon Bacon but you’ll have a lot of fun doing it.  It’s the perfect starting point for a young person wanting a career in sports.  The starting salary is $25,000/year with commissions that could pay you another $3000-$7000.  There are health benefits as well.  If this fits what you want to do to start your career in sports, click here to apply.

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