A Coastal Plain League team in Macon is owned and operated by two guys who have had 50 years of experience running major and minor league teams. Meet Steve DeLay and Jon Spoelstra, two guys that like to have fun at the old ballpark.

They got introduced to The Coastal Plain League last year as part owners of The Savannah Bananas. Savannah led the league in attendance in its first year.

Previously, they managed a slew of minor league teams as well as teams in the NBA and the NHL. In each case they created attendance records. For instance, the Dayton Dragons, Single-A baseball, have sold every ticket to every game for 16 years! The Frisco RoughRiders have lead the Texas League in attendance every year since they joined the league.

The reason for these attendance records is because it’s fun to go to their games. Simple as that.

Jon and Steve have been very picky on who they have hired for Macon Baseball 2018. They have hired people that love to work hard, love the fun of going to baseball games, and love creating the fun of baseball games. Here they are:


Todd Pund - President

Danny Higginbotham - Head Coach

Jason Wright - Fan Development Manager

Tyler Vertin - Director of Marketing

Nick Jones - Director of Merchandise and Community Relations

Josh Knies - Corporate Marketing Manager

Ben Upton - Corporate Marketing Manager

Nathan Goldenberg - Group Sales Executive and Concessions Operations

Brittany Middleton - Group Sales Executive

Jon Spoelstra - Co-Owner

Steve Delay - Co-Owner