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Host Families

Help Our Bacon Players Feel at Home this Summer

Be a host family for one of the Bacon

The Macon Bacon baseball team is looking for families that would like to be part of the Host Family program.

Since Macon Bacon players come from all around the country to play in the Coastal Plain League, they will need a place to sleep for the summer.

We’re looking for 25—30 families to help us this season and provide housing for our Macon Bacon players.  Being a Host Family can be a tremendous experience for families with younger children and also empty nesters.  You’ll play an important role in each player’s summer experience!

All you have to do as a host family is provide a place for the player to sleep, do their laundry and if needed, a place for them to cook a dinner.

Players will begin arriving in May and will depart in early August.

Many host families have formed close relationships with their player(s) in the past – relationships that last beyond a player’s career.

Host families receive access to Bacon game tickets, special events and recognition on the field at one of the Bacon games!

If you would like to be a part of our Macon Bacon family please contact Nick Jones in the front office at (478) 803-1793 or by email at [email protected] for more details.

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