The Stadium


A nice facelift for Luther Williams Field

Here are some plans for good old Luther Williams Field:

  1. Improvements for the players and fans.
    1. Bringing the playing field up to standards.
    2. Fixing the locker rooms to meet league expectations.
    3. Adding concession stands.
    4. General maintenance to the stands.
  2. Group and Kids Zone areas in left field.
    1. Group picnic area.
    2. Kids Play Zone
    3. Beer Garden
    4. BBQ Smokehouse.
  3. Right field improvements for the business community.
    1. Outdoor Cabana Suites.
    2. VIP 4-top tables.
    3. Improved concessions with wait services.

Take a look at the architect’s renderings of what Luther Williams Field will look like next summer.

Front Entrance

New areas are shaded blue and purple.

Aerial rendering of new seating areas.

New seating areas on Third Base side.

Rendering of Party Deck on Third Base side.

Rendering of Field VIP Seats and Cabana Suites on First Base side