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A Coastal Plain League team in Macon is owned and operated by a guy who has had years of experience running major and minor league teams. Meet Steve DeLay, a guy that likes to have fun at the old ballpark.

Previously, he helped managed a slew of minor league teams as well as teams in the NBA and the NHL. In each case they created attendance records. For instance, the Dayton Dragons, Single-A baseball, have sold every ticket to every game for 16 years! The Frisco RoughRiders have lead the Texas League in attendance every year since they joined the league.

The reason for these attendance records is because it’s fun to go to their games. Simple as that.

Steve has been very picky on who they have hired for the Macon Bacon. They have hired people that love to work hard, love the fun of going to baseball games, and love creating the fun of baseball games. Here they are:


Brandon Raphael is going into his second season as Team President of the Macon Bacon.

In Brandon's first season, he helped lead the Bacon to its most successful season on and off the field. The Bacon had its best record and made the Championship Series, along with helping raise over $50,000 for local organizations. With this, Brandon was named the Coastal Plain League Executive of the Year in 2019.

Before the Bacon, he has more than 18 years of experience in various roles in sports including the Senior Associate Athletic Director of Development and Ticket Sales at the University of Texas – San Antonio. Brandon previously worked with DeLay with the Frisco RoughRiders and the Las Vegas 51s.

He is from St. Louis and attended Maryville University where he also played baseball. Rumor has it, he will take a few at-bats each season.

Brandon is married to his wife, Kimberly and has two children: Caden (12) and Brooklyn (10).


Tyler Vertin is going into his third season with the Macon Bacon as Director of Marketing.

While with the Bacon, the team has been nominated for two national sports marketing awards. The SAMMY (Sales, Advertising, Marketing, Management, Idea of the Year) and the 2018 Sales Collateral of the Year with the Bacon's famous Bacon Ticket Boxes.

Tyler is a graduate of Northwood University majoring in Sports Management. He spent the 2016 season as an Marketing Intern in the Coastal Plain League Office.

Tyler is from Calumet, Michigan and is a fan of the Tigers and the Redwings. Yes, he is from the Midwest. So, he sounds a little funny.

He once had 14 stitches in his right ear due to a hockey puck to the head.

Brittany Middleton


Brittany Middleton is going into her third season with the Macon Bacon.

After the 2018 season, Brittany was promoted from Group Sales Manager to Director of Group Sales. She helps over see all aspects and strategies of Group Sales.

Brittany is a graduate of Newberry College majoring in Sports Management. She also has an associate’s degree from East Georgia State. While at school she pitched for her school's softball team.

Brittany is from Lizella, Georgia and is a big fan of the Atlanta Braves and Falcons. Nothing like having a hometown girl on the team!

She also batted 1.000 in college… with one at bat, but she earned an RBI so we’ll count it.

Her all-time favorite baseball player is Hank Aaron.


Sarah Leo is going into her third season with the Macon Bacon.

While Sarah has been with the Bacon, she has helped lead the Bacon to the top of the Coastal Plain League in Sponsorships.

Sarah is a graduate of Full Sail University, earning her bachelors in Sports Media and Marketing. She also received her masters in Public Relations.

Sarah is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is a big fan of the Red Sox and New England Patriots. Don’t get her started on 28-3 and what is or isn’t a catch in football.

Her all-time favorite baseball player is David Ortiz.


Kara Rose is going into her second season with the Macon Bacon.

After the 2019 season, Kara was promoted to Senior Corporate Marketing Manager. She help with aspects of outside and business-to-business sales.

Kara is a graduate of the University of Mississippi, earning her bachelors in Marketing.

Before joining the Bacon, Kara was a Game Day Operations intern for the Chatham Anglers (Cape Cod League).

Kara is from Oxford, Mississippi and is a big fan of the Red Sox and Braves.

She once zip-lined through the rain forest in Costa Rica.

Her all-time favorite baseball player is Pete Rose. Long lost cousins maybe?


Nicholas Green is going into his second season with the Macon Bacon.

Nicholas was a main influencer of the "Load the Bacon Menu" at Luther Williams Field, which is the team's Bacon themed food menu. Along with created the teams most iconic menu item: The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Sandwich.

Nicholas is a graduate of Central Michigan University majoring in Sports Management. He spent the 2017 and 2018 summers with the Kalamazoo Growlers as a Ballpark Operations Intern. 

Nicholas is from Howell, Michigan and is a fan of the Tigers and the Redwings. He showed up on his first day wearing shorts saying, “50 degrees is shorts weather."



Brea Dickson is coming into her third season with the Macon Bacon. Her second one as a full-time staff member.

Brea is a graduate of Georgia College with a Bachelors in Marketing. While in school she was the Merchandise Intern for the 2018 and part of the 2019 season.

She took over the merchandise store during the 2019 season and was given another position: Corporate Marketing Manager.

She is from Social Circle, Georgia and is a big fan of the Braves and UGA athletics. Her favorite ballplayer of all time is Chipper Jones (shocking!).

Marquis Grissom once had the pleasure of meeting her and signing her broken bat at one of his wooden bat tournaments



Mandy Barefoot joined the Bacon following the 2019 season.

Mandy previously worked in tickets and ticket operations with the Quad Cities River Bandits and Memphis Redbirds. She last was the Assistant GM of the Elizabethton Twins.

She is a graduate of Post University with a bachelors in Sports Management and a Masters at LSU in Sports Management.

She is from Madison, Alabama and her favorite sports teams are the Boston RedSox and the Auburn Tigers. (Sorry, UGA Fans).

She has a three-legged dog named Seamus and her favorite ballplayer of all-time is Barry Zito. 


Davis Warren is going into his first season with the Bacon.

Davis is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University (SFASU) with a Bachelors in Marketing and a minor in Sports Business. Yes, they did beat Duke this year, which is a big deal.

He is from Mount Pleasant, Texas and is a big fan of the Washington Redskins and SFASU athletics. His favorite ballplayer of all time is Hunter Dozier.

He has been to over 60 NASCAR races, so he has mastered the left-hand turn.