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Standard Groups

• Unlimited hot dogs, burgers, cheeseburgers, grilled chicken sandwiches.
• Unlimited soda and water during the game.
• Everybody gets a free Macon Bacon cap.
• Just $15 per person

This is a once in a lifetime chance for your group to celebrate the Bacon.

Each person in your group will get all the hot dogs, burgers, cheeseburgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, soda and water they want during the game.

Each member of your group gets to cheer as loud as they want, to have fun all game long.

Each member of your group also gets a free $22 Macon Bacon cap.

Groups are 15 people or more.

Here are your two seating options:

  • Reserved Seating: $15 per person
  • Field Box Seating: $18 per person (includes in-seat wait service)

Group Experiences

When your group comes to game, it is more than just watching a baseball game. It will be full of lifelong memories.

Here is a list of experiences your group can take advantage of:

Group ExperienceMinimum Tickets Needed
National Anthem50
Take Me Out To The Ballgame50
God Bless America50
Color Guard25
Pre-Game Performance75
Play Ball Kid50
Run Out With The Team25
First Pitch100
Photo On The Field50
Post Game Autographs100
Birthday Party25

Our biggest upcoming games:

FridayMay 31FlorenceOpening Night/Fireworks7pm
SaturdayJune 1SavannahBattle for the Golden Spork7pm
FridayJune 7Lexington CountyFireworks7pm
ThursdayJune 13SavannahMacon Peaches Night7pm
SaturdayJune 15FlorenceFirst Responders Night7pm

To work out the details, call Brittany or Justin

Brittany Middleton

Brittany Middleton - (478)803-1797 [email protected]

Justin Skinner - (478)803-1982 [email protected]


You'll be inside a loud and crazy Luther Williams Field

The reserved seats are in the blue, field box is in the red

This is the hat your group will receive



Have some questions about group nights? Just fill out the form below. Someone on staff will reach out to you.

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