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Sweet Bacon Suite

The luxury suite is the perfect place to have fun with friends and family.

Or, with co-workers and important business associates.

Celebrate. Have fun. Go Bacon.

Suites are perfect for a business or a personal celebration. They’re great for company outings. They’re great for client entertainment. They’re great for Birthday parties. Anniversaries. Or, just a bunch of friends enjoying a ball game.

The Macon Bacon Cabana Suites are located on the first base side, next to the dugout. They are such a premium seating area, there are no weekend dates available for the 2020 season.

Unlike suites at Major League ballparks, our suites are open air.  You can hear all the action and be right in the game.  We’ve even installed ceiling fans to keep the air circulating and comfortable.

The patio outside each suite has 12 theater style seats.

Here’s what’s included when you rent a Cabana Suite for a game:

1. 16 tickets in a choice seating area. You'll be right down the first baseline, right on top of the action. This is a terrific seat location.

2. Plenty of food. No need for your guests to go back and forth to the concession stands. You’ll have unlimited hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken sandwiches, water, soda and cookies right in your Cabana Suite.

3. Case of beer. You'll get 24 beers on us that night. Mix and match any of our available beers from Bud Light to Macon Plays.

3. Wait service. If your guests want different food and drink items, our wait staff will be at your service throughout the game. 

4. Flexible space. The Cabana Suite is designed for 16 people. If your group is larger than 16, you could reserve an adjacent suite next to yours.

5. Highly limited. There are only six Cabana Suites in the ballpark. Because of the limited number and the demand, we recommend that you choose your game soon.

6. Free Macon Bacon hat. Each member of your party gets a free $22 Macon Bacon hat.

7. Affordable entertainment. Each Cabana Suite is just $500/night that includes a case of beer.



Plenty of space for your group to watch a baseball game in style

You'll be right down the 1st base line. Best seats in the house

The hat each group member receives

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