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VIP Groups

• Your group gets choice seats
• Your own private area
• Your group will enjoy unlimited ballpark food, soda & water
• Your group will say, "Wow, now that was fun!"

When you host a group outing in one of our two VIP areas, you only need to bring one thing: a bunch of hungry friends and associates wanting to have fun. We take care of the rest.

From start to finish we’ll work hand-in-hand with you to make sure your event is a success.  No curve balls from us.

Here’s what your outing in the VIP area includes:

1. Group size. We can take groups of 20 to 125 people.

2. Unlimited food:  Hot dogs, burgers, cheeseburgers, grilled chicken sandwiches. cookies, soda and water.

3. Free Macon Bacon hat.  Each member of your party gets a free $22 Macon Bacon hat.

4. Cost-Certainty. With unlimited food and a Macon Bacon hat, the cost of going to our VIP group areas is very predictable, just $25 per person with a minimum of 20 tickets purchased.  There are no hidden costs.

5. Room to mingle: You’re not stuck to one seat.  You can wander around your particular VIP area and socialize or you can sit and watch the game or both.  Your food is buffet style located in your seating area.

6. One Contact. Your Group Coordinator will be your one contact for all facets of your outing.

Here are our biggest upcoming games:

FridayMay 31FlorenceOpening Night/Fireworks7pm
SaturdayJune 1SavannahBattle for the Golden Spork7pm
FridayJune 7Lexington CountyFireworks7pm
ThursdayJune 13SavannahMacon Peaches Night7pm
SaturdayJune 15FlorenceFirst Responders Night7pm

Call us to book our group area today

Brittany Middleton

Brittany Middleton (478) 803–1797 [email protected]

Justin Skinner - (478)803-1982 [email protected]

The PMC Party Deck  has plenty of space. Your group will have a blast getting to hang out in here

The Right Field Group Area is down the right field line. Right on top of the action.  It also includes giant games for your group like Giant Connect 4, Giant Jenga and Cornhole

The Macon Bacon hat your group will receive

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