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VIP Seating

Your private seats at

the best game in town

Food and beverages are included at each seat. And the view is terrific.You’re sitting closer to third base or first base than the pitcher.

By Steve DeLay
Macon Bacon

Our 2018 inaugural season was a smashing success for Middle Georgia. Fans came out in droves, selling out just about every weekend game, a total of 11 sellouts out of our 22 home games last season.  The fans enjoyed the games so much, the Macon Bacon finished 10th in the country in attendance in summer collegiate baseball attendance out of nearly 400 teams.

Your seat is down the first or third baseline at the ballpark. I consider them the best seats in the house. That’s what you get with our VIP seats at Luther Williams Field.

No setting your food and drinks on your lap and spilling. No having to lean over to talk to your friends. It’s like watching the game in your den, but instead, you’re right on top of the action.

Once at the games, your guests will think this is one of the great ideas for baseball fun.

Here’s what you get with each Macon Bacon VIP ticket that you order:

1. VIP seat locations. There are only a limited amount of seats in the new VIP seating area at Luther Williams Field. These seats will go fast.

Here are the two VIP Seating Options:

  • VIP Row 1: Four Seats at a half round table in the first row, right against the fence. You'll be able to set your food and drink on the table and be so close to the action, you'll be to hear the coaches talking to the baserunners.
  • VIP Row 2: Row two seating comes in sets of two or four. You'll be right behind the front row seats in high top chairs with a 18" drink rail table for you to set your food and drink on.

2. All-You-Can-Eat. At every game you attend with your season ticket, you’ll get all of the hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, soda and water you want during the game.

3. Wait service. You don't have to move an inch after you take your seat if you don't want. You'll have wait service throughout the game for all your food and drink needs.

4. Free Macon Bacon hat. This is a quality hat that this is worth $25 in the team store. You get one hat per season ticket.

5. Fireworks Shows. We’ll have at least four fireworks shows during the season.

6. Special Events. You’ll get invited to special events such as VIP batting practice on the field, VIP Kids Day with the players and coaches and more. You’ll also get first crack at purchasing seats for other events at Luther Williams Field.

7. Premium VIP Parking. You'll have premium parking close to the stadium entrance for easy in and out. There is no charge for your parking. One spot per four season tickets.

8. Highly affordable. The Row One VIP Seating is $40/seat, or $160/game. Row 2 is $30/seat and available in both a full season ($750/seat) and 10-game plans ($300/seat). You pick what works best for you.

9.  Easy payment options.  We make it easy for you to pay for your Macon Bacon tickets. Your first payment would be 1/6 of the total amount. We can then spread the remaining payments over five months via credit card. Each payment will take place 31 days after the initial deposit.

VIP Row One puts you right down the 1st and 3rd baselines

VIP Row Two gives you plenty of room for you and your clients

You'll have front row seats to the best show in Macon

The Macon Bacon hat you will receive


To reserve your VIP Seats, click the button below or call our office at 478-803-1795.

Or you can visit our team offices at Luther Williams Field at 225 Willie Smokey Glover Drive between 8am-5pm.

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